For Social Services and Case Management

A modern and cloud-based case-specific CRM solution for non-profit organisation or social service agency which simplified user experience. 

Our purpose-built applications are aligned to how your users work. Integrated with digital technologies, our innovative approach increases productivity enabling your organisation to work smarter, faster, and ultimately achieve more.

MoxogoCare is a transformative solution that resolves many inefficiencies related to managing hundreds of cases and motivating front-line non-profit service providers in Singapore, to meet and overcome client service demands effectively with less effort.

Digitalize and Go Paperless
Better Collaboration and Tracking
Manage and Organise Data Smarter
Derivation of Sensible Data for Social Impact 

Social Service Edition Features

When nonprofits operate more efficiently, they can accelerate their impact and do more good. Providing better services, improving care, positive social impact. Having Sustainable Growth and Positive Impact.

Contact Management

Centralize contact platform for effective relationship management

  •  Contact Management
  •  Client Management
  •  Caregiver Management
  •  Staff Management
  •  Survey Management
  •  Calendar & Meetings
  •  Chat, Email & Whatapps
  •  Integrate with Case Management

Case Management

Purpose build case management system to satisfy the needs of non-profit organisation

  •  Case and Session Management
  •  Team Management
  •  Program Management
  •  Sheehan, Zarit, GAF, RMBPC, CSQ Management
  •  Auto intervention count and reporting
  •  eLearning for Staff Onboarding
  •  Access Rights Control
  •  Case and Session Analysis

Productivity Booster

Enhanced user experience for  your team, customers and suppliers

  •  Personalised User Interface
  •  Customised Dashboard
  •  Form Management
  •  Acitivites Management
  •  Customer Portal
  •  Notes, Reminders & Notifications

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Case Study

Featured Client

See how Moxogo works for your business

Club Heal

Assist and empower persons with mental health issues to regain confidence in themselves and others in their journey towards community reintegration.

Industry:  Social Service


  • Excel and physical dockets

  • Challenges in communication and tracking

  • Measure impact and generate accurate reports

Solution & Outcome: 

  • MoxogoCare case management system allows collaboration among team members.

  • Digitalisation of the entire process.

  • Real-time and accurate data extraction for reporting to an authority.

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