Easily create your earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements.

Accounts Receivable

Clean customer invoices

Invoices are easy to create, beautiful and full featured. (payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, price lists)

Draft invoice propositions

Draft invoices are created automatically by Moxogo based on sales order, timesheets or delivery orders.

On -the-fly payment reconciliation

When creating an invoice, Moxogo  suggests outstanding payments automatically so that you don't have to reconcile it later.

Advanced payment terms

Support multiple payments for one invoice, cash discounts, advance invoice and partial reconciliations.

Get Paid Easily

Credit card payments

Get paid quickly by supporting online payment with credit cards. We support main payment gateways like, Ingenico, Paypal, Adyen, etc.

Aged receivable balance

The receivable report gives you a clear overview of overdue payments and treasury forecast.

Advanced customer statements

Get clear reports on customer statements and navigate easily through the documents to understand every customer use case.

Automated follow-ups

Moxogo proposes emails, follow-ups letters, and tasks automatically to ease your credit collection process.

Customer portal

Your customer can track their order status, invoices, and payments through their portal.

QR codes

Your customers can scan a QR code with their banking app to pay. The QR code is on PDF invoices and shows up in the payment screen of quotations and invoices.

Account Payables

Control supplier bills

Compare the information appearing on the purchase order, vendor bill, and receipt to make sure you pay the correct bill.

Forecast expenses

Get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

Employee expenses

Track employee expenses, from the recording to the validation and reimbursement.

Advanced Access Rights and Multis

Access Control Lists

Access rights are super flexible. Default configurations are already setup for accountants and advisers.

Multi-currency support

Get your currencies rate updated automatically every day.

Multiple users

Define as many users as you want with different access rights.

Multi companies

Get all your subsidiaries integrated in the same system with consolidation reports in real time. Automate business flows with inter-company rules.

Multi Journals

Organize your document into several journals (by departments, by type of activity) to split roles across several users.

Performance Reports

Business Intelligence reports

Use the pivot table to navigate through the information: consolidations, drill-up/down, group data, filters, etc.

Multiple standard reports are available - Profit & Loss, cash flow statements, cash reports, executive summary and aged payable/receivables, etc.

Get standard reports and chart of accounts available. Export to excel and pdf.

Annotate any report

All reports are full dynamic allowing you to navigate easily. Create multiple annotations. Annotate reports to add your notes for the managers inline.

Perpetual fiscal year closing

No need to report balance sheet accounts from one year to another. Automatic calculation of P&L based on chosen dates, only need to write the handling of earnings for closure. Choose lock entry dates for non advisers and all users.

Customizable dashboards

Create your own dashboard by assembling custom reports. Generate reports for any time period, comparing time period. Get dynamic calculation of certain fields e.g. YTD earning. Share filters and dashboard across teams.

Customizable KPI's

Define your own KPIs based on formulas: gross margin, customer acquisition costs, growth rate by products.

Legal Statements

Profit & Loss

Navigate easily through the flow of information from the Profit & Loss report.

General Ledger

Search and filter in the general ledger easily and zoom into documents in just a click.

Balance Sheet

Get your current year earnings automatically reported to your balance sheet to report at any time without having to close/open fiscal years.

Cash Flow Statement

Get a cash flow statement in real time with lots of options in the filters.

Consolidated Journal Report

The consolidated journal displays what happened in each journal organized month by month for readability.

Tax Reports

Get your tax reports in accrual or cash based, formatted according to the right country.

IRAS-Compliant Reports

  • IRAS standard chart of account

  • Chart of GST tax payables and receivables

  • PDF and Text file generation for IR8A and IR8S

  • GST Form5 and GST Form7 generation

  • Pipe-delimited e-tax text file generation

  • SG Trial Balance

Analytic Accounting

Hierarchies of cost accounts

Structure automatically your analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, etc.

Analytic distribution

Distribute one accounting entry into multiple analytic accounts by using analytics tags and flexible distribution.

Analytic report

Get clear reports on your analytic accounts with hierarchy and subtotals.

Fully integrated

Get analytic entries automatically produced based on timesheets, supplier bills, work orders, etc.


Manage multiple analytic plans with default values and assignations ratios between cost accounts or projects.


Fully Integrated

All-in-one unified business application systemise and analyse your business


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