Productivity Booster

Enhanced User Experience for  Your Team, Customers and Suppliers

Comprehensive addons without the need for extra customisations.

Stay focused with a clutter-free dashboard, and clean organiser with reminders & alerts to get daily work done.

Improve user experience, sales, operational efficiency, and improved productivity of team members.

Improve the relationship and communication between business, customers and partners.

Minimalistic apps that offer hassle-free management of all operational aspects.

Unified business communication, and effective organisation of business data and tasks.

Personalised User Interface

Let you change the look and feel of the entire backend.

Design your company theme

6 predefined colour theme

5 login page design

9 pop-up animations

7 loading styles

6 google font styles

5 tabs, 5 separators, 5 buttons, 5 radio, and  checkbox styles

4 font size; small, medium, large, extra large

3 list-view options – default, comfortable, attachments

Chatter - display side or bottom

Screen - split vertical or horizontal

Light / dark / auto mode

Magnifier & fullscreen

Auto-hide menu bar

Mark favourite apps

Bookmark pages

Double click to edit

Customised Dashboard

Limitless potential to demonstrate your business analytics in a clear and professional manner.

Form Builder

Build easy-to-use, professional and versatile forms to integrate and collect any information you need for your business.

Customer / Vendor Portal

A dashboard is a view of geographic information that helps you monitor sale, purchase, invoice, project, lead, bills activities. Easy to filter charts and table by today, yesterday, current week, month, year. And display or hide charts or information by configuration settings.

Config Setting for Customer

Show Sales Analysis (Sales Chart) 

Show Recent Quotation

Show  Recent Sale Order

Show  Invoice Analysis (Invoice Chart) 

Show  Recent Invoice

Config Setting for Vendor

Show  Bill Analysis (Bill Chart)

Show  Purchase Analysis (Purchase Chart) 

Show  Recent Purchase Order

Show  Recent RFQ

Show Recent Bill

Config Setting for Project and Task

Show Recent Project Task 

Limit the number of records shown


Reminder & Notification

Generate and periodically send reports and reminders. Below is an sample example.

Periodic reports for external and internal

Reminder recipients: internal or portal users, customers, suppliers, and even mail channels  email.

Any kind of reports

Configure the tool to send periodic reports and reminders for modules: sale orders, opportunities, warehouse transfers, request for quotations, tasks, etc.

Configurable statistics

Choose data columns to include. Attach the report as excel (xlsx) or/and add it in the email body. Apply aggregation (average, sum) for numeric columns. Introduce email greetings. Show or hide links.

Up-to-date data analysis

Set specific filters  which suit the period requirement  for the reminder user.

Flexible recurrence

Send lists with any periodicity: everyday, each last Friday of a month, on a definite date of the year, and so on. Make reports reflect company calendars.

Assigned statistics managers

The groups Lists Reminder 'Manager' and 'Only Own' (according to 'Responsible') allow to manage reports. 




Fully Integrated

All-in-one unified business application systemise and analyse your business


Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

See how Moxogo Industry Editions suit your unique needs and processes


Every Businesses - CRM, Sales, Forms, Documents & Whatsapp



CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Forms, Documents & Whatsapp



CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, POS,  Forms, Documents & Whatsapp



CRM, Sales, Project, Tasks, Forms, Documents & Whatsapp


Job Costing

CRM, Sales, Job Costing, Purchase, Inventory, Forms, Documents & Whatsapp


Resource Planning

Resource Planning, Human Resource, Forms, Documents & Whatsapp


Corporate Service

CRM, Sales, Corporate Accounts, Forms, Documents & Whatsapp


Social Service

CRM, Case Management,  Forms, Documents & Whatsapp


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