Inventory Management

Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency


Internal Transfer
Display count internal transfer

Delivery Orders
Display count delivery orders

Inventory Receipts
Display count of inventory receipts

Alert Expiry
Display count of alert expiry

Various Kind of Charts

  • Inventory Reports (Bar Chart)
  • Inventory Valuation (Bar Chart)
  • Total Reserved Stock (Bar Chart)
  • Inventory Ageing Reports (Line Chart)
  • Total Inventory Quantities (Line Chart)
  • Open Outward (Pie Chart)
  • Open Inwards (Doughnut Chart)
  • Product Moves (Area Chart)
  • Stock per Location (Area Chart)
  • Stock Moves (Horizontal Bar Chart)
  • Top 10 Selling Items (List View)

Comprehensive Warehouse Operations

Improve performance & process time

Manage all your warehouses with the same system and define replenishment rules between warehouses.

Multiple Locations
Use hierarchical locations to structure your warehouse: zones, rows, shelves, etc.

Control incoming products and compare to what was ordered from the supplier.

Delivery Orders
Pack orders and deliver with or without barcode scanners. Moxogo prepares delivery orders for you based on availability.


Inventory Adjustments
Do an inventory for a zone, a specific product, a lot or a pallet/box; Moxogo prepares cycle counts for you. 

Stock Transfers
Use the simple transfer interface to move products from one location to another.

Scrap Products
Scrap products in just a few clicks and get clear reports on scrap: their costs, reasons and volumes.

Pack products in just a click and assign barcodes to packs for an easy tracking of the orders.


Advanced Routing

Use cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to manage any warehouse

Deliver to customers straight from your supplier based on products, orders or customers.

Unload incoming material and directly transfer to outbound gates with little to no storage in between.

Put Away & Removal Strategies
Define your own storage and removal strategies; fifo, nearest available zone, lifo, etc.

Pick – Pack – Ship
Design your own order process flow. Deliver to customers in one step (delivery order) or several steps: picking, packing, shipping.

Push & Pull Routes
Design your own product routes to automate transfer orders between warehouses or locations.

Fully Automated Replenishment

Less stock, no stockouts

Minimum Stock
Have proposition of purchase orders (or request for quotations) created by Moxogo based on your future stock forecast.

Request for Quotations
Want to negotiate a price with suppliers every time you buy a specific product? Moxogo can trigger request for quotations automatically based on future needs.

Purchase raw materials or manufacture products to order. Define your own routes specific to warehouses, products, orders, etc.

Experience Total Traceability

Track every stock move with unique double-entry inventory system

Double Entry Inventory
Allows full traceability from the supplier to the customer. Nothing is lost, everything is moved.

Activity Log
Have the history of all operations attached to every document (picking, delivery order, quality control) for full traceability.

Serial Numbers Tracking
Tracks manufacturer lots with barcode or serial numbers. Define and choose which transactions require tracking (delivery orders, receptions, internal moves, etc.)

Perpetual Valuation
Inventory valuation posted in real time in accounting for an accurate balance sheet in real time.

Inventory Valuation

Various of inventory valuation methods for you to choose

Costing Methods
Moxogo supports FIFO, Average Cost (AVCO) and Standard Price for product costing methods.

Landed Costs
Reincorporate landed costs into your product cost to get an accurate valuation of your inventory.

Perpetual Inventory Valuation
Set up perpetual (real time, automated) or periodic inventory valuation mode by product.

Clear and Complete Reporting

Make smarter decisions with real-time dynamic reports that you can save and share with anybody

Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine. Share filters with the team.

Inventory Forecast
Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.