Smart Visitor Management System

A cloud-based smart visitor management system that is able to meet regulatory requirements and is capable of accurately and efficiently track large volume of transient visitors across multiple locations within a building with the aid of real-time visual report.

SmartVMS can register, manage and authenticate the access of visitors, track their movement (presence) for security and safety purposes, and do so in a secured and data-compliant manner. Data can be exported for contact tracing purpose when needed.

Scan name card, work permit and NRIC recognition, student card excluding sensitive information. QR code or bar code scanning with the use of the mobile device camera for check in / check out purpose.

Link to ERP system where information are captured and stored for security purpose. Pre-register like mass contact import for more efficient sign in.

User-friendly mobile app (mobile phone and tablet) interface provide an intuitive and easy to use dashboard function. Visitors are able to self check-in using a kiosk or tablet without having to queue up at the registration counter.

Visitor Tracking

Monitor visitor check-in and check-out time by scanning nric, name card, student care, QR code or barcode.

Visitor Analysis

Get complete analytical data on your property visitors and filter reports based on your preferences.

Mobile App

Visitors are able to self-check in using a kiosk or tablet without having to queue up at the registration counter.

Case Study

Featured Client

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Schotts (SG)

A Singapore-based global manufacturer of specialty glass, glass-ceramics, and other innovative materials.

Industry:  Manufacturing


  • Manual visitor log book, no pre-booking

  • Challenges in communication and tracking

  • Unprofessional labels and no report

Solution & Outcome: 

  • MoxogoVMS enable booking automation and self-check-in by guest/visitor.

  • Digitalize visitor management for better audit trails and reporting.

  • Professional, secure and ISO-compliant with real-time data for critical decision making in event of an emergency.

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