MoxogoRetail - Retail Management System

Systemise and Analyse Your Business

Smart Point of Sale for Modern Business

Easy to use and compatible with any device

MoxogoRetail pos screen

User-friendly Point of Sale

Use your POS everywhere and anytime

Moxogo© is based on a simple, user friendly interface that everyone can use without difficulty. No installation and no specific hardware is required to use Moxogo©.

Our solution for point of sales is compatible with desktop PCs, iPads, tablets, laptops and industrial POS machines. With just an Internet connection, you can use your POS everywhere and anytime.

Moxogo© is fully integrated with your ecommerce, customers, products, inventory, purchases, promotions, HR, accounting and reporting management system.

Enable you to run your operations better, manage all HR activities, improve your marketing, get control of your finances that will significantly boost your sales & productivity!

You will be able to run real time statistics and consolidate all data across all your shops without the hassle of integrating several applications. Point of sale system has never been easier.


Quickly and easily manage inventory in multiple locations from a single dashboard.


Manage all different outlets as a strategic whole to support the overall success of your enterprise.



Send sales invoices, quotes and purchase orders or receive bills and payments in currencies other than your own.

Simple, Powerful and Fast Checkout

Designed for productivity and efficiency

 Serve multiple customers at the same time
Whether it’s for a restaurant or a shop, you can manage multiple sales transaction in parallel so you won’t keep your customers waiting.

Split Payment
You can easily let your customers pay by the way they want with our multi-payment methods; partial cash or partial credit or partial nets in a single order, no problem at all!

Supports Multiple Payment Methods
Cash, Nets, Credit Card

Allows Return And Exchange
Give every customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple refund processing and returns their orders partially or totally.

Handle Multiple Customers

Process multiple orders in parallel so you won’t keep your customers waiting.


Blazing Fast Search

Barcode product & customer search to get information quickly.

Flexible Discount Options

Apply different discount on each separate order line or one discount for the entire bill.

Easy-To-Use Customer Management

Build your customer database and grow repeat business

Central Customer Management
Manage one central customer list for all your outlets and ecommerce store. Your customer database and their purchase history will always be in sync no matter where your customers are shopping.

Create Customer Groups
Manage different customer groups with different sales prices. Offer regular discounts or targeted promotions to your various type of customers boosting your company sales.

Email / SMS Marketing Tool (Add-On)
Maintain active connection with your customers by sending emails or SMS for any promotions or special events.

Build Customer Database with Ease
Customer details are automatically stored under their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty points and information.

Add New Customers Directly at POS
Save customer information seamlessly during checkout and rapidly build your customer database.

Import Customer List
Your existing customer database is important to you. Easily migrate those contacts over with a simple Excel or CSV upload.


Comprehensive Promotion Management

Reward your customer with royalty points, gifts and discounts

Loyalty Programs
Create different loyalty programs for different group of customers or products. Customers can earn loyalty points on every qualifying purchase and redeem them anytime. The total balance of loyalty earned can be easily view at the point of sales and apply that balance during checkout.

Gift Cards
Bring in new customers and keep existing customers to increase revenue with flexible and brand gift cards.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers can be emailed to customers or printed by your receipt printer. It can be redeemed at the point of sales via barcode scanner.

Promotion Campaigns
Create a variety of promotion campaigns to boost your sales and customer’s satisfaction as well as customer’s engagement.

Complete Product Management

Easily manage your products, whether you have one or thousands of SKU.

Central Product Catalog
Manage one central product catalog and sync your products across all your channels to eliminate double data entry and reduce human errors.

Unlimited Products
Manage unlimited number of products. Fast loading speed even if you have up to 10,000 SKUs.

Bulk Product Imports
Easily upload your product categories and products using Excel or CSV.

Barcodes and Labels
Create labels for new or existing products. Effortlessly scan product barcodes at the point of sales. Barcodes are also included on receipts so you can find orders easily.

Product Organization
Categorize your products to easily coordinate or perform inventory counts across all your channels.

Product Variants
Create multiple variants of your products based on size, colour, material and more. Assign unique SKUs to each variant and track their stock levels.

Product Bundles
Create various product bundles for cost efficiency, market opportunities to enhance profits, and competitive strategy.

Apply different pricelist in different periods.

Custom Pricing Tiers
Apply different pricelists for different groups of customer.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Get real time inventory control and accurate forecasts to manage procurements

Real-Time Inventory Control
Your inventory will be automatically updated from the latest transaction. Track your stock at any time. Make better informed decisions about your purchase and inventory with stock on hand.

Inventory Adjustment
Allows cashiers to adjust the quantity of each product to ensure the accuracy between the data in system and the physical holdings.

Autofilled Orders
Reduce your stock while always staying replenished! Your Inventory is fully integrated with the Purchase module, so you can trigger automatic RfQs to your suppliers when your stocks levels are too low.


Internal Stock Move

Transfer stock between stores. Inventory levels get updated automatically for each store.

Supplier Returns

Easily record and return damaged or unexpected stock to your suppliers.

Cost Management

Support multi-cost methods to value your stock in real-time (FIFO / LIFO / Average / Standard).

Easy-To-Manage Purchase Management

Improve your supply chain & inventory performance

Automate your purchasing workflow
Improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, etc. Select different replenishment methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies.

Supplier price lists & product availability
Easily import suppliers’ price lists and references to make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, quantities and special contract conditions. Keep track of a product availability in your supplier’s stock and check your order status from within the app. You can even base your sales price on your supplier’s prices.

Analyze, forecast and efficiently plan your orders
Get accurate statistics on your suppliers’ performance through flexible reporting: delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, quantities purchased, etc. Integrate purchases with analytic accounting to analyze your contracts’ profitability.


Gain Business Insights with Reporting

Understand Your Business

Able to provides many report elements that can display data through text and graphics. Tables, charts, and other advanced report components can all be used in a single report and modified with individual data binding, formatting, and display properties. Data can also be exported into Excel or CSV format.


  • Sales Analysis
  • Order Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Stock Valuation
  • Latest Inventories & Moves

Beautiful Responsive Ecommerce Website

Building your online store has never been so easy

Create Awesome Product Pages
No code required, what you see is what you get.

Design & Configure
Simply drag & drop pre-made building blocks to set your desired elements into place. Edit text inline straight on the web page to fine tune the product description, characteristics and images.

Emphasize your best products on your storefront. Add suggested products and product attributes like color or size. Customize the color, layout and font of your theme.

Price-lists, Products and Stores
Create flexible price-lists, add variants to add to products options, and create multiple stores under one environment. Display available stock on products.

Ultimate Shopping Experience
Simple. Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Easy Search System
Make finding products easier by setting attributes (size, color, etc.).

Easy Checkout Process
Simple checkout to avoid losing clients.

Guest & Registered User
Customers can choose to create a user profile or as guests. Registered users can retrieve their contact information upon check out and access a portal including related messages, orders, invoices, registered claims, etc.

Live Chat
Provide your visitors with information in real time directly on your website, and secure your sales.